Hamptons has been around since 1956. Back then the company held various licenses to import specialist equipment such as concrete block making equipment, golf clubs etc.

In the 1980’s with the removal of import licensing the company became focused on supplying product into the joinery and cabinet making trades. Hamptons also specialised in providing specialty plywood for both cabinet manufacture and boat building.

Hamptons and Company joined the ITM group in 1992. By this time, the original owner had died and the company was owned by a family trust and several individual investors. The business was located in the Philipstown area on Tuam Street and St Asaph Street.

In November 1994, the business was purchased by the Fleming Family Interests. David Fleming had a background in the construction industry as a qualified Quantity Surveyor, Construction Manager, and the Development Manager for Fletcher Construction in the South Island. As a member of the ITM group, Hamptons extended its product mix from Joinery into the building materials market.

In 2000, the Fleming’s purchased the Sparrow Joinery site on Ferry Road and began developing a dedicated building material outlet. A significant benefit of this location was being able to establish a drive through from Ferry Road through to Leeds Street.

Like so many other Christchurch businesses, Hamptons ITM premises were very mortally wounded following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. The team had to cope with knee deep liquefaction, broken floor slabs, collapsed walls, shattered glass and thousands of dollars of ruined product.

Having survived all this, the next 5 years involved wrangling, wrestling and wading through bureaucracy and red tape until eventually an agreement was reached with Hamptons insurer, in December 2016. This meant that in 2017, things finally got underway with re-building Hamptons premises. 

Now, in 2019 we are at long last, on the home straight and just adding the final finishing touches, including landscaping and signage etc.

The first 60 odd years have provided Hamptons with a prominent location, purpose-built premises and a dedicated and caring team. Combine this with the constantly growing and loyal customer base, and Hamptons ITM are very well placed to take on the next 60 plus years.