HAMPTONS HAPPENINGS: November 2019 – Issue 11 - Hamptons ITM

HAMPTONS HAPPENINGS: November 2019 – Issue 11

Welcome to the November edition of Hamptons Happenings.

In this issue we:

Last week, the Christchurch Press ran a story on a group of tradies who made a citizen’s arrest of a would-be thief at a Christchurch building site. It was the middle of the day and thankfully the tradies managed to apprehend the person before anything was stolen.

Each week at Hamptons, Rowan would do at least 2 quotes for tools that have been stolen. Rowan finds it pretty depressing when he thinks about our poor customers who have been ripped off. Recently, one customer had 3 vans broken into over 3 weekends, in 3 different parts of the city.    


At Hamptons, we have a fantastic relationship with the police who do a lot of great things to try and stop burglaries and building site theft. One fantastic initiative the police have established is the website: www.snap.org.nz. SNAP stands for Serial Number Action Partnership.

The SNAP website service is free and allows you to record asset serial numbers and photos, you can also include model numbers, warranty information and valuation certificate details in the asset description. If your tools, equipment / machinery are stolen you will be able to provide all these details to the police and your insurance company.

Engrave Your Driver’s License
In addition to taking photos and recording the serial numbers of all your equipment, the other thing the police recommend is engraving all your tools and equipment with your driver’s license number, so they are very easily traceable back to you. If you call: 03 363 7400 the police are only too happy to come to your building site and engrave all your tools.

Site Fencing
It is also advisable to get good site fencing in place when you are working in one place for an extended period. A few years ago, one building site in Hamilton had 14 toilets stolen along with all the tradies’ tools. It can be more cost effective to buy your own set of fencing vs. renting fencing. Contact the team at Hamptons if you’d like to get a quote for your own site fencing.

Paint it Pink

Pretty in Pink

A few years ago in the UK, theft of construction equipment was costing the industry over £1.5m a week. Researchers at Birmingham City University conducted research into how the industry could combat the problem. They came up with the concept of painting equipment a very conspicuous colour e.g. pink…       

DNA Tagging
Another option to protect your tools, equipment and building supplies, is DNA tagging. Your assets can be marked with DNA spray and microdots.

Security Cameras
Nowadays, rechargeable, waterproof, motion sensing security cameras with a SIM card are available at a reasonable price and are simple to set up. Once you’ve set them up, simply download the App and you can have it alert you as soon as any motion is detected. At the same time the would-be offenders are being recorded in action, you can be contacting the police to hopefully apprehend them before they get away…

A great deterrent for any would-be thieves is good signage letting them know that you have security camera’s in place. Another option is to put signs and stickers on your ute or van letting would-be thieves know that your tools and equipment are marked with DNA and they will be caught.

Unfortunately, all insurance policies come with fine print… When it comes to tools and equipment it is absolutely worth double checking and asking questions like; what is my excess if this happens…? Am I covered for burglary of this? Am I covered for theft-outdoors of these items? What if this is stolen from a vehicle? What if the vehicle was unlocked or owned by my employer?  

In our last issue of Hamptons Happenings, we showcased the latest construction robots from Japan.

This month, we thought we’d go back to basics and showcase a fantastically simple product available here at Hamptons.

Putting in piles to support a subfloor or deck can be a frustrating and time-consuming job. The clever folk at Subbase Building Technologies have come up with a very simple solution that is BRANZ appraised.

These are a timber pile & post support, made for setting up timber piles and posts in their footing holes. They help support the post so it is straight and sitting high so concrete can fill the 100mm space underneath the post.

These clever stands are available in store at Hamptons or we can arrange for them to be delivered to your site with your next order from Hamptons.

Enter our Hamptons Happenings competition

Simply tell us the answer to this month’s rather cryptic question and go in the draw to win your very own… Hamptons ITM Mystery Prize Pack…

Someone is pushing their car down the road and when they finally reach a hotel… they shout out arrrghhh “I’m bankrupt…

Do you know why???

Email your answer to Mata on admin@hamptons.co.nz or message us on Facebook with your answer and go into the draw to win the Hamptons ITM Mystery Prize Pack for November.

Check out this month’s fantastic Hamptons Hot deal – a Makita line trimmer pack with 4 batteries (worth up to $180 each), a dual charger (worth up to $250) and a line trimmer (worth up $299). All for the amazing price of $550 plus GST.  

10-Year New Zealand Certified Builder’s Guarantee
Hamptons is involved in a large number of projects that are covered by a range of different guarantees and insurance products. Recently there has been some media coverage about New Zealand Certified Builders 10-year guarantee and the protection available to consumers. With this in mind, we recently spoke with the team at New Zealand Certified Builders (NZCB) to clarify some details around their Halo guarantee.    
Here are the details: 

  • It is mandatory for all NZCB members doing building work over $30k to have Halo cover in place. Halo is the brand name of NZCB’s residential guarantee insurance. 
  • Halo, the New Zealand Certified Builders 10-Year Guarantee currently provides more than $5 billion in cover to New Zealanders undertaking or who have undertaken, a home build or renovation. 
  • Halo is independently managed and underwritten by a syndicate at Lloyds of London, and carries an A+ rating from Standard and Poor’s. 
  • Cover is in place during the build and for 10-years following the completion of the build.
  • Under Halo, 10-years of cover is in place for both structural and non-structural defects (having both is unique in NZ). There is also cover in place for weathertightness.
  • There is also 10-years of cover in place to cover any faulty materials or goods supplied to builders.
  • Halo covers any issues that were caused by a NZCB builder or their employees and their sub-contractors.
  • If a building covered is sold, the cover automatically transfers to whoever is recorded on the properties Certificate of Title.

New Zealand Certified Builders advise homeowners to ensure that all their documentation is completed with their builder and submitted to the insurer. Confirmation of cover being in place will then be provided and they will receive a receipt of a Halo 10-Year Residential Guarantee Policy Schedule.

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