Greetings and a very warm welcome to the November 2023 edition of Hamptons Happenings! 

In this issue we:

Do you know what these timber terms mean? There is no prize on offer, but you could win the respect and admiration of your peers.

Be the life and soul of the smoko break when you start the conversation with “Did you know the term ***** actually means…”

  • Plainer Gauged
  • H6
  • Dressing B Select
  • Shake
  • Plinth
  • Dressing Grade
  • H5

Answers next month!

With summer approaching fast this is the perfect time to get your deck and outdoor furniture looking pristine for those summer BBQ gatherings.

Hamptons is offering special deals on the Wattyl Forestwood Deck & Timber Stain in colours Red Kwila and Rustic Oak.

This stain is water-repellent and is ideal for new decks or for rejuvenating previously stained or oiled decks. Cheaper than all our mates we have it on the shelf for $141 excluding GST.

Wattyl’s Forestwood Deck & Furniture Oil will enhance the natural beauty of timber decks and garden furniture. Hamptons stocks colours Natural Kwila and Natural Pine for the price of $65.22 excluding GST.

These stains will get your outdoor areas looking spanking new for summer!

In October we bid a fond farewell to Karl Mead. Karl has been an account manager with Hamptons ITM for four years and in that time nurtured many important relationships between Hamptons and our loyal customers.

Karl has decided to further his knowledge within the Construction Sector, and we look forward to keeping in touch and hearing about his trials and tribulations as he navigates his way through his new role.

Karl has done an outstanding job over the last four years – he entered Hamptons at a challenging time, and it only became more challenging as we navigated our way through Covid-19 and all that came with it. 

Throughout that time Karl always wore a smile on his face and even on the most difficult days, he was able to have a good laugh with his colleagues. Thanks for your service Karl, we may not say it to your face, but you will be missed. 

For the account holders that Karl served, we would like to assure you that your account will not suffer at all as we recruit a replacement. In the meantime, your main point of contact will be Hamish and Rowan in the customer services team. With almost twenty years of Hamptons experience between them, you are in safe hands until a new account manager steps into the role. The best point of contact is orders@hamptons.co.nz, and this will be continually monitored by the dynamic duo. 

We would like to wish Karl the best of luck and success in his future endeavours, and who knows, we may even provide an update in a year’s time on how he is going.

Looking Back on Christchurch Construction 

Construction of the MED Building, Corner of Manchester Street and Armagh Street, in the 1930s

Not a single road cone in sight!

Check out our hot deal for November from Paslode. Come in and see us in-store for more information!

At Hamptons ITM, our team members aren’t simply proficient in constructing products; they’re also enthusiastic about a diverse array of hobbies and interests. To celebrate our staff’s unique talents, we will be featuring a personal area of expertise each month.

Those of faint disposition look away now! Halloween may have come and gone, but the bony hand of horror remains on the shoulder of our own Mistress of the Dark, Courtney. Mild-mannered receptionist by day and horror aficionado by night, we have asked Courtney to provide us with her top five spine-chilling horror movies – a list not for the faint of heart.

5. The Conjuring – The Conjuring is a series of horror films following demonic possession but The Conjuring 2 would have to be my favourite. As this film is based on a real case in the late 1970’s it makes it even more scary. You can find footage and photos online of one of the young girls being possessed. (Image from the real case in 1977)

4. The Nun – The Nun is one of my favourites for its amazing cinematography and character design, to me it’s a piece of art. Be prepared for a lot of jump scares in this one.

3. Talk to Me – This Australian horror was only released in July and is what everyone is talking about. I enjoyed this movie so much because of its metaphor. Talk to Me tackles trauma and grief in an interesting way. A group of teens summoning a spirit in a similar ambience to ‘partying’ which actually mimics drug use; a metaphor for addiction fuelled by grief. 

2. Hereditary – Hereditary is a visually well-crafted horror exploring parental fears and family trauma. The amazing, Australian actress Tony Collette puts on a gut-wrenching performance in this movie that makes an uneasy watch. Director Ari Aster has an obsession with cults and it shows in this movie and is another favourite of mine; Midsommar. 

1. Silence of the Lambs – My top thriller movie of all time, a classic; Silence of the Lambs. For some reason, this and Bugs Life were the only movies I had on DVD as a kid so, of course, it is one of my favourites. Since 1991 this movie hasn’t aged and Anthony Hopkins (Dr. Hannibal) even though a cannibal comes across as a likeable character. As the movie was adapted from the 1988 novel, the storytelling is a 10/10.

Thanks, Courtney – good luck sleeping after that movie marathon! Do you have a recommendation for Courtney, or want to speak with a fellow horror fan? Courtney is here all day every day and will be the first voice you hear when you call. 

Best wishes,

David & Wendy, Don, Carolyn and the rest of the team at Hamptons ITM


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