Hamptons Happenings – February 2021 – Issue 24 - Hamptons ITM

Hamptons Happenings – February 2021 – Issue 24

Greetings and a very warm welcome to our February 2021 edition of Hamptons Happenings…

In this issue we:

We’ve been saving this one up… but this month we’ve decided the time is right to draw back the curtains on a ‘true legend’ and Hampton’s very own cross between Mary Poppins and Maggie Thatcher.

That’s right this month, we thought it was time to share the story of Hampton’s very own Operations 


 Manager, Carolyn Litt. Like Mary Poppins, Carolyn is always cheerful and positive, and she makes things from the outside appear effortless, yet at the same time, like Maggie Thatcher, Carolyn is also very wise and astute and can be tough when she needs to be.  

For many, Carolyn is synonymous with Hamptons and looking at Carolyn’s story, one can certainly see why… Carolyn is Hampton’s longest-serving team member and legend has it… no one is quite sure just how many years she’s actually worked at Hamptons, but it is certainly more than 30! Carolyn pre-dates Don Blair, Hamptons Sales Manager, and also Hamptons owner David Fleming.

After doing time at Avonside Girls, a fresh-faced 18-year-old Carolyn began working at Hamptons as a personal assistant. However, Carolyn soon began mastering virtually every role in the building. This is something that has certainly stood her in good stead… and she has kept her very capable finger on the pulse on virtually every part of the business ever since. The Hamptons where Carolyn started her working life was certainly a very different beast to today’s Hamptons ITM. When Carolyn started, Hampton’s was importing a variety of goods from overseas – including items like Firestone and Vulcan tyres. It actually wasn’t until the early 90’s that Hamptons became an ITM member.

Carolyn continued to evolve, as did Hamptons, and after experiencing the ups and downs of the building supply industry for several years, Carolyn took a five-year sabbatical to run her own business; a 7-days a week café – no rest for the wicked as they say. To this day, Carolyn has a reputation for making exceptional scones, although I have yet to sample any for myself… but, I’m certainly always available…

Along with having a successful career, Carolyn has also managed to find the time to raise a young family, and although fully-grown now, her two girls and boy remain the apple of her eye – although it is now the grandchildren that deservedly get the most attention. As rewarding as her café experience was, the lure of Hamptons (and of course all the wonderful customers…) was just too great, and Carolyn returned to her rightful place and has been firmly entrenched at Hamptons ever since.

Having been part of Hamptons for so long, Carolyn is the first person we turn to with questions about almost anything, and her experience and knowledge is immeasurable, especially when it comes to plywood and specialty products. Who would have thought that someone who once trained as a florist would know so much about the building supply industry and become the Hamptons equivalent of Google?

When not running the cutter at Hamptons, Carolyn dedicates her time to her family (including some of the cutest dogs you’ve ever seen) and enjoying time away with a good bottle of wine. We also hear she is pretty good on a jetski and can be often seen whizzing around at Lake Brunner.

It can’t be easy splitting her time between her Hamptons family and her real family, but Carolyn does it with ease and we certainly hope she continues to do it for many years to come.

As you may be aware, most retailers and wholesalers in New Zealand are facing a few varied and different supply issues. Hamptons is no different and there are certain materials where there are either delays with supply due to either manufacturing or shipping. In some cases, there are demand issues as well. The New Zealand housing market is gathering momentum and some building materials are in absolutely hot demand.

As we all work to keep the wheels of commerce turning, there are two things that will help us overcome any supply constraints. The first is planning. If we can all plan a few weeks and where possible months ahead, we can schedule orders in advance and ensure that you get what you need, on time and in full.

The second thing we need to do is communicate to allow us to work together to a greater extend. We are going through some pretty unusual and uncertain times and things simply won’t work as they have in the past if we just work as we have in the past.

Our team are only too happy to use their considerable experience and networks to ensure you get what you need when you need it… So please get in touch with your account manager or any other member of the team at Hamptons and talk to them about what you’ll need over the coming weeks and months. 

Here is Rowan with his pencil sharpened and ready to talk to you about some great deals on power tools from Hikoki and Makita.

Everyone in New Zealand will know someone overseas that is living in a country that has been overrun with Covid-19. The lockdowns, isolation, face masks, poor mental and physical health, and deaths are a total and absolute nightmare. Just a few days ago, the UK surpassed 100,000 Covid-19 deaths and the USA exceeded over 25 million Covid-19 cases.

New Zealand has been lucky so far… but the recent potential Covid-19 community cases are a timely reminder that at any moment that luck could run out. As a country, one of the best defences we have is the use of the Covid-19 app. The faster we can respond to any positive tests in the community the better chance we have of remaining lucky.

This video is a great summary of how the QR code and Bluetooth proximity process actually works.   

Hamptons would like to do our bit, so we can continue to protect our lifestyle, health and lives. We’ve just reminded our team about remembering to scan our QR code so please don’t be offended if one of our team gently and politely “remind you to click”.

Take care out there…

Best wishes,
David & Wendy, Don, Carolyn and the rest of the team at Hamptons ITM


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