Hamptons Happenings - June 2020 - Issue 17 - Hamptons ITM

Hamptons Happenings – June 2020 – Issue 17

Greetings and a very warm welcome to our June edition of Hamptons Happenings…

In this issue we:

Like so many other businesses, we’ve spent a lot of time reading, listening and watching what all the various experts have to say about the future and how the local Canterbury and wider New Zealand economy is going to go over the coming months… As things have unfolded, we have watched on as many businesses have made public announcements regarding closures and staff redundancies.

It is still very early days, and there are obviously a lot of unknowns about what the post-COVID-19 future holds. However, we are pleased to let you know that to date Hamptons haven’t had to make any staff redundant. As you know, Hamptons is a family owned business and COVID or no COVID, we have always taken the livelihoods, health and welfare of our close-knit team extremely seriously. We acknowledge that it is very important for all businesses to be flexible and ready to adapt to the market conditions. We also realise that sometimes this means making sacrifices.

Hamptons have always worked hard to keep things pretty straightforward and simple. All of our team are absolutely 100% essential to our operation and we have never created any non-essential layers of fat in terms of management staff and other overheads. We will continue to keep things that way… so that we can continue to provide our customers with good value for money and everyone in our team can continue to hopefully work together for many years to come.  

Over the past few months, we have been very thankful for the support of the wider ITM group, our suppliers, customers, and our fantastic staff. We have also been extremely grateful that we live and work in New Zealand.

Hamptons has been around since 1956. As the Pandemic has progressed, we have continued to consider how we can hopefully see our community, customers, suppliers and staff – right, for many years to come.

Our approach is based around something we call the Four L’s.

1. Lean

It is important for any business to stay lean and constantly review what is absolutely essential and what functions, people and tasks make the most difference to customers and the business. This lean approach must be carefully managed and constantly adjusted to ensure there is the right balance in terms of: (a) quality products, (b) quality service and (c) great prices. It is important to always strive toward a situation where everyone is making a genuine contribution, and everyone is tasked with making a difference for Hamptons customers. It is important to keep in mind that we’re striving for a happy, healthy lean – not a miserable, starving, version of lean… When it comes to Hamptons pricing, there is no point pricing everything so low that it means if things get squeezed or something goes wrong, you can’t be there for your staff and customers. Likewise, when it comes to Hamptons suppliers, we expect fair pricing but not pricing that means they will ultimately go out of business.

2. Local

At every opportunity Hamptons tries to find and support local suppliers. We’re also very active in supporting various groups in our local Canterbury community and have close relationships with a number of schools, churches, clubs, community groups and charities. Hamptons equally values the support we get from individual customers and businesses who consciously choose to deal with Hamptons because we’re a locally owned and operated business. This approach ensures money stays within our local community, it helps our local economy and it helps to protect and preserve local jobs.

3. Loyalty

At Hamptons we recognise and consciously reward loyal suppliers, staff and customers. If a supplier has bent over backwards to help us get something urgently out to a customer or they’ve come to the party when someone’s made a mistake, we don’t forget. We equally bend over backwards for customers who show us loyalty and don’t drop us every time a sales rep from a corporate competitor wines and dines them on their expense account or offers to save them 20 cents on their next box of nails. .

4. Long-term

The 3 longest serving people at Hamptons have worked here for a combined 80 years! The 8 longest serving people have worked here for a combined 150 years! This means that there is a good deal of collective wisdom and knowledge when it comes to getting the job done or seeing people right.

This sort of experience means that decisions are made for the long-term survival of the business. Hamptons have seen others come into the market from Auckland or Australia – open fancy premises, slash prices and chase customers. It hurts at the time when someone goes and you sometimes question your approach… but invariably people work out that you’re far better off in the long run to stick with a firm where people know your name and you can look the decision makers in the eye and they “will see you right” and give you their support and help when you need it most.

Vent, Ventilated cavity Battens
One of the latest products available at Hamptons is ventilated wall battens. The polypropylene battens create a 20mm cavity for drainage and ventilation, reducing the risk of moisture and condensation.

To find out more contact your account manager or one of the team at Hamptons.

Throughout lockdown a great number of jokes, funny photos and videos circulated the country. We’re sure this sharing of light relief and laughter helped in some way to keep people positive. We’ve kept of few of our favourites and thought we’d share them via Hamptons Happenings over the coming months.

Paddy at the Pub

Paddy is a very considerate and thoughtful fellow and he left this note on the kitchen table for his wife: 

Go Get Your Mother

Here is Rowan with our latest Hamptons Hot Deal for the month of June.

Before lockdown Bruce Mackley our yardman extraordinaire had a mountain biking accident. After being on ACC and then gradually returning to work, Bruce decided that with everything going on now, it might be a good time to retire. We’re very grateful to Bruce and wish him all the best for his retirement. To help cover Bruce’s position we have Andy Reardon in a full-time, permanent position. Andy has been at Hamptons for a few months now on a part-time basis providing cover and assisting with Hamptons deliveries.

June 2020 marks Neil Noesgaard’s 10th anniversary at Hamptons. Neil is one of the wise heads behind Hamptons customer service team. Neil has an enviable reputation for always having his finger on the pulse and knowing how to get his (and Hamptons customers…) hands on the very best deals and products.

In the last few weeks, Hamptons have indirectly been involved in a couple of new additions to New Zealand’s population of over Five Million. Both Craig Harris and Mel Lange recently became proud grandfathers. 

Take care out there…

Best wishes,
David & Wendy, Don, Carolyn and the rest of the team at Hamptons ITM


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