HAMPTONS HAPPENINGS: May 2020 - Issue 16 - Hamptons ITM

HAMPTONS HAPPENINGS: May 2020 – Issue 16

Greetings and a very warm welcome to our May edition of Hamptons Happenings…

In this issue we:

On behalf of the team here at Hamptons, we would like to very sincerely thank all our customers, suppliers and service providers who have visited Hamptons since we have been at Level 3. We’ve been really pleased with how smoothly everything has gone.

Thank you so much for; being patient, following our contact tracing sign-in process, phoning and emailing ahead with your orders and maintaining social distancing at all times. We have certainly been busy over the last few days and it has been great to see our yard bustling once again. 

We appreciate it isn’t easy adjusting to a new way of doing things, but like all New Zealand businesses we’re keen to do the right thing and play our part in the fight against Covid-19. Hopefully if we all work together to take a few precautions now, it will mean that we can soon go to Level 2… then Level 1, and our economy can once again start to build up some momentum.

Here is the drive through in action at Level 3

As always, if there is ever anything that we can do to assist you and your business, please get in touch with your account manager or via our main telephone number 03 374 3333 or send an email to admin@hamptons.co.nz.

Hamptons is a local, Canterbury owned and operated business, we’re not a corporate and we absolutely pride ourselves on listening, being responsive, making decisions and doing everything practically possible to support our loyal customers.

Once again, if there is ever anything that we can do to better support you and your business during these unprecedented times – we would sincerely love to hear from you.

Everyone keeps comparing the current Covid-19 crisis to the Pandemic of 1918. However, in 2020, one of key differences is that despite all the borders around the world being closed – everyone has remained so extremely well connected.

This has meant that the very latest news, science, research and statistics have been at the fingertips of virtually everyone around the world.

Technology has also meant governments and other organisations can work cohesively together to act and respond like never before. Prime ministers and presidents have been able to literally speak to people on their television sets or mobile phones and lead and co-ordinate their nations Covid-19 response.

Around the world there have been many people, organisations and even countries that have shown their true colours and risen to the challenge…

There can be no better example of the power of technology combined with the power of the human spirit than Captain Tom Moore. While in lockdown in the UK, Captain Tom who was about to turn 100, decided to do 100 laps walking around the outside perimeter of his house with the hope of raising 1,000 pounds for the NHS. Fast forward a couple of weeks and through the power of the internet his simple quest went absolutely viral and has just kept gathering more and more momentum.

Captain Tom went on to raise over $60 million for the NHS. He also broke two Guinness World Records. The first was for the most money ever raised by a charity walk (individual) and the second was for being the oldest person to ever reach number one on the UK charts – with his hit single You’ll Never Walk Alone. Tom was 99 and 359 days old when he achieved this and he celebrated his 100th birthday yesterday (30th April).    
Captain Tom caught the imagination of millions of people and over the past few weeks he has received over 125,000 birthday cards in the mail from people all around the globe. 

During lockdown at Level 4 we asked people to send in a photograph that best symbolises life in lockdown.
The winner of the competition was Warwick Wilson:

Congratulations and we will arrange to get a Hamptons ITM Mystery Prize Pack out to you in the next week or so…

Throughout lockdown at level 4 a great number of jokes, funny photos and videos circulated the country. We’re sure this sharing of light relief and laughter helped in some way to keep people positive. We’ve kept of few of our favourites and thought we’d share them via Hamptons Happenings over the coming months.

Watch the video below to find out what our HOT DEAL is for May!

As the government continue to provide updates and information about New Zealand’s Covid-19 status we will keep you informed on how we will continue to operate over the coming weeks.
With this in mind, we have made the decision to not open this Saturday the 2nd of May.
Hamptons normally opens on Saturdays for around 4 hours with a greatly reduced number of staff. We have decided that it would be difficult for us to maintain contactless service and social distancing during this time.
We will continue to keep you informed regarding our hours and ongoing changes to our operations via email, Instagram and Facebook.

Take care out there…

Best wishes,
David & Wendy, Don, Carolyn and the rest of the team at Hamptons ITM


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