Hamptons Happenings – November 2020 – Issue 22 - Hamptons ITM

Hamptons Happenings – November 2020 – Issue 22

Greetings and a very warm welcome to our November edition of Hamptons Happenings… In this month’s edition we:

This is month is Movember… and despite the fact we are all very fortunate to be living here in New Zealand, suicide and mental health is still a major issue in this country.

The construction sector has the highest suicide rate of any commercial sector in New Zealand. Here at  Hamptons, we can certainly see it has been a particularly stressful year, with Covid-19 and the ongoing economic uncertainty… it’s time we all stopped to consider our own mental health and those who we work with. 

There are several things we can do to help ourselves and our mates.

  • Give yourself permission not be at your best
  • Be kind to yourself and those around you  
  • Don’t tell yourself or others to just relax. It won’t work
  • Look after your physical health, get sleep, and eat well
  • Don’t tell yourself or others to snap out of it….

Perhaps the biggest thing we can do in regard to mental health is to remove the stigma associated with it. It’s okay not to be well, and it’s okay to ask for help. It’s also okay to look out for your mates. The first step is to talk about any issues you might have, or someone you work with might have. 

There are currently a number of organisations providing support to the construction industry, and they are all readily available and ready to help at any time.

Finally, there is Mates – an industry dedicated organisation that deals with the construction industry solely. Their website is aimed at people just like us and is the best place to start for any construction worker. They are currently running a roadshow around New Zealand reaching out to those on-site. You can find more information about it HERE – they will be hosting events in Christchurch on November 11th and 12th

Here at Hamptons, we recognise that there is no one-stop solution for mental health, but if we are all aware of it and continue to talk about and acknowledge mental health, things can only improve. Keep on looking after yourselves and your mates and hopefully, together we can reduce the current poor mental health status of the construction industry. 

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The dog days of summer. Brian Waddle calling the cricket on Radio Sport, an apprentice grunting and groaning under the weight of a barrow full of concrete. The sound of a nail gun punctuates the scene while laughter ripples around the site on the back of another tall tale of the fish that got away.   A dog sits in the shade of the ute, only moving to cock his head at the laughter, one ear up, one ear down, or briefly standing to bark as a new subbie enters the site.

It certainly is a dog’s life. This month Hamptons wants to salute and celebrate our furry friends. A constant companion, whether it be at work or a part of the family at home, dogs have proven to be a chippy’s best friend. We see quite a few dogs pass through our gates here at Hamptons, usually stoically guarding the vehicle they are left in and scaring any unsuspecting yardmen that dares to get too close. Now we want to see them in friendlier circumstances, living their best life by your side.   

This month we want to let your creativity off the leash and ask you to show us your dogs. Send in a photo of your dog, be it onsite, at home chasing the kids, or sulking in the corner after digging up your prize vegetable garden, and we will select the top dog to win a prize. Now before you go barking up the wrong tree, extra points will be awarded for those that display their loyalty to the Hamptons/ITM brand. Every dog has his day, and those dogs displaying the ITM logo will definitely have the front running. 

From the thousands of entries, we will select our favourite photo that captures the essence of a dog’s life. The winner will receive a very special prize pack from Hamptons ITM. 

So, grab your furry friend, get on your think caps, and send those photos to us here at admin@hamptons.co.nz with the subject line “It’s a Dog’s Life…” 

For those of you still feeling shy, here is a photo of me, Hamish Whitta, when I was a young pup with my brother and our first dog – with the epic name of “Gary”! 

Next Tool Box Top-up Event 

Save the date Thursday 26th of November in your diary. Hamptons will be hosting another Toolbox Top up event from 7:30 – 9:30am.

Hamptons Top 3 Reasons to Be Grateful! 

It is important to approach things with an attitude of gratitude. There will always be tough times and challenges, but our attitude and approach will determine whether those challenges become obstacles, or whether they become opportunities… As the saying goes… “Some people experience the wonder and magic of walking in the rain… and others just get wet!” 

Here at Hamptons we pride ourselves on being grateful and having a positive, pragmatic yet upbeat attitude and approach to both life and work! Here are our top 3 reasons why we think our wider Hamptons community should be feeling grateful!

1. We are Not in Lockdown (touch wood)

While many countries around the world have gone back into lockdown, our life here in New Zealand is relatively normal compared to most. Take a moment to consider Brazil who have had more COVID19 cases than there are people in New Zealand. They have had over 327,000 new cases in the last 14 days. The USA has had just under 1 million, France has had just under 500,000 and the UK has just under 300,000… new COVID19 cases in the last 14 days! As we are feeling grateful, at the same time our most sincere and heartfelt thoughts are with all the people around the world who have by now probably forgotten what is “normal”.  

2. Our Sector Works together to Create and Build Things… 

We are very fortunate that we are in an industry that works together to create and build things that (1) people can borrow money to buy, (2) will typically last a long time and (3) in many cases will go up in value. Because our sector has these unique attributes, we are very grateful that we can work together to weather most storms. Take a moment to consider people in service-based industries like tourism and hospitality. Spare a thought for the many good people who through no fault of their own, find that there is currently no need for what they do…  

3. There is Strong and Long-term Demand for What we Do…

Well known New Zealand economist, Tony Alexander, wrote a few days ago that “the strength of the housing market is driving people toward getting a new house built as they can’t find a property to buy in the used market”. He also said “for young people freed from tying bungy cords around people’s ankles, I have no hesitation in recommending a movement into the trades. The large and growing magnitude of house shortages around New Zealand means the construction sector is likely to be very busy for a long period of time.”

We can think of plenty more reasons to feel grateful but 3 feels like a good and appropriate number. Email us at admin@hamptons.co.nz if you have a reason to be grateful that you think ranks higher than our top 3. We’d love to hear from you.  


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