Greetings and a very warm welcome to the December 2023 edition of Hamptons Happenings! 

In this issue we:

Last month we ran a fun quiz on common timber expressions. For those that have been wondering, the correct answers are as per below.

  • Planer Gauged – Machined to a standard uniform size
  • H6 – Ground treated for use near Saltwater 
  • Dressing B Select –  Small tight knots on all 4 faces.
  • Shake –  Splits in the structure of the wood caused by growth defects or shrinkage stress
  • Plinth – Triangular-shaped timber for a corner.
  • Dressing Grade – Tight knots that can be cracked with no restriction on the amount per board. Possible Hairline cracks 
  • H5 – Treated for ground contact ground near water

We’re sure you all know that already, but it is always nice to have a refresher. 

Sale day and a prize winner!

On October 25th we had a sale day, with tool supplier specials, a BBQ, and games with prizes. Thanks to everyone who turned up, it was a busy morning and we struggled to keep up with the bacon orders on the BBQ. 

As part of the morning, we ran a competition to guess the amount of jelly beans in a De Walt storage box. The winner of the jelly beans and storage box was Craig Howie of Canterbury District Health.

Congratulations Craig on your win, you obviously have a keen eye and a sweet tooth. For those that took part in the competition, there were 3313 jelly beans in the box. Yes, one of us had to sit here and count each and every one of them.

Recently Hamptons sponsored the 2023 NZ Blokart Open.

For those of you new to the sport and wanting to know more about the event and blokarting in general,  Justin Annan of the Canterbury Blokart Club has provided us with a report: 

The 2023 NZ Blokart Open was held from the 12th to the 15th of October at Wigram Air Force Museum Christchurch, and hosted by the local Canterbury Blokart Club.

Racing was across 5 weight divisions, in both production and performance classes.

Competitors raced on the large sealed apron fronting the hangers and along the adjoining taxiway. Each six-minute race started with a two-minute dial-up.

Race courses were set up according to the wind direction, with an electronic timer used to record sailor’s positions and points.

Although we had light winds on the first two days of the competition, Saturday racing had to be stopped by the afternoon due to gale force conditions, resuming again once the strong winds abated. Karts reached speeds of 70 km/hr during some races.

At the end of racing, dinner and prize giving were held at the Hornby Working Men’s Club. 

Special thanks to Hamptons ITM for supporting the event, and donating spot prizes, caps, and apparel.

The Blokart Club meets on Sunday afternoons at Wigram and welcomes anyone keen to have a go.

Hamptons & Westlake Go Karting Night

The inaugural Hamptons and Westlake Timber kart race was held on October 27th.  As a team endurance race it it gave the sister companies a chance to work together in a more relaxed environment.

The relaxed environment didn’t last long -the racing was fast and furious, and competition was fierce on the track.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who won (it really doesn’t, Andrew and Michael) and it was all about the laughs and the debrief at the pub afterwards. Thanks to all that attended and we all look forward to next year’s event. 

Nicknames in the Trade

As long as there have been tradesmen there have been the inevitable nicknames that come with them. Below is a small selection of the favourite nicknames we have come across recently

  • E.T – always trying to go home
  • Noodles – thinks all jobs take two minutes 
  • Deckchair – always folds under pressure 
  • Paper straw – some works, but not for long
  • Blister – appears when the hard work is done 
  • Harvey Norman – it’s been 3 years with no interest 

What other nicknames would you add to this list? Hit reply and let us know!

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Hamptons ITM!! We hope you all have a great time over the holidays and take some time to recharge your batteries.

For our last Top 5 of the year, we thought it was only fitting that the Hamptons staff all took a vote to see what we ranked as the Best 5 Christmas Movies!

Yes, it’s summertime and we should all be at the beach but with the Christmas rush sometimes we just want to chill out on the couch for an hour or two with a good movie. With that in mind, we have gathered together and cast our votes for Hampton’s Top 5 Christmas movies.

There are some old favourites, a couple from left field, and a controversial decision. They’re all in the mix as we present our Christmas Top 5.

5. Elf, The Santa Clause & National Lampoons Christmas Vacation tying for 5th place.

Three Christmas comedies are tied for fifth place, each representing a different generation. The senior members of Hamptons staff have fond memories of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, while for the millennials among us, it’s all about Will Farrell’s huge sugar intake in Elf

4. Love Actually – Love Actually celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Although high on schmaltz, it still warms the cockles of the heart. Speaking of the heart – for women of a certain age – the double whammy of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth still gets the pulse racing. 

3. The Grinch – Another comedy in the mix, this time a vehicle for Jim Carrey, who was at the height of his fame when this came out. Jim Carrey suffered eight and a half hours every time he had to get into this costume. As a result, CIA experts were called in to train Carrey how to withstand torture. We work with a couple of Grinchs here, so no surprise to see this rating high.

2. Die Hard – A controversial pick coming in at second place. Die Hard has always held the big question of ‘Is it really a Christmas movie?’  Obviously, the people have spoken, and yes it is. Not one for the purists. 

1. And of course, coming in hot, placed at number one.. you guessed it was Home Alone. Who could resist the cute face of Macaulay Culkin in the Christmas classic that defined the 90s and beyond? An evergreen classic and for good reason. 

And on that high note, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a safe break, and we’ll see you all refreshed and ready to embrace the new year in January. 

Hamptons ITM will be closing Thursday 21st December 2023 and will reopen on Thursday 4th January at 7:30 am.

Merry Christmas and have a safe and happy new year!

David & Wendy, Don, Carolyn and the rest of the team at Hamptons ITM


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