Greetings and a very warm welcome to the February 2024 edition of Hamptons Happenings! 

In this issue we:

Welcome back

All good things must come to an end. The boat has been washed down and stowed around the back of the garage, the caravan has been pushed back into its place, and the kids are beginning to eye the first day back at school with dread. Yes, time to put aside the lazy days of summer and embrace the new working year. 

The staff at Hamptons have returned from the far-flung corners of New Zealand where they have enjoyed the staples of a New Zealand summer, the classic triumvirate that rules every holiday – Boating, BBQs, and Beers. 

With fading tans and sunbleached memories of family times (and for some, perhaps a holiday romance), we have dutifully returned to work.  The shelves have been stacked high and deals are ready to be struck. It’s time to finish what was unfinished in December (that is if you can even remember before Christmas) 

We look forward to working with you once again this year, and with our staff fully refreshed and eager to please we are ready for whatever lies ahead. Be sure to stop by and catch up with all the latest in tools and materials, along with a healthy dose of holiday gossip from the boys on the trade counter. 

In #1 – Nick Adams

New Account Manager, Nick Adams, comes to us via a long and illustrious career in the building industry. Nick has many years of experience working for other well-known builders merchants and is a familiar face on many building sites around town. Among his many skills is a disarming smile and the ability to multitask site deliveries while speaking knowledgeably on a variety of subjects. 

When not doing deals and satisfying his customer’s every whim and need, Nick can often be found on his mountain bike, which he throws down a hill once a week. This is a sore point at the moment, a fall before Christmas means Nick now has a shoulder requiring a cortisone injection to keep moving.  Thank God it’s not his drinking arm. 

While mountain biking satisfies when it comes to a high-impact sport, Nick also indulges in an occasional low-impact round of golf. A leisurely eighteen holes is far removed from his younger days when he was a keen, and very capable, league player. Nick played Premier League for both Papanui and Riccarton, signing off in style with a Grand Final victory in his final year in the sport. 

When not throwing his body into the dirt, Nick whiles away the hours DJing. Inspired by the raves and festivals of his youth, including several inspirational weekends at the Destination Festival at Cave Stream, Nick has now been DJing for close to twenty years. With eclectic tastes, and a record collection of 1500 records, Nick can cater to a diverse crowd, although he naturally gravitates toward House music. We never quite got to ask him his thoughts on the legendary Frankie Knuckles, although we did have a wide-ranging conversation covering such topics such as vinyl vs digital, records that inspired us ( The Clash – London Calling, The B52’s eponymous album), our favorite female singers (Nina Simone – search her out young folks, you won’t be disappointed), and the best DJ Nick has seen (Fat Boy Slim, not Nick’s genre, but he was incredible on the turntables)

You might think that after all this Nick has no time for anything else in his life, but he tells us that he has recently embraced caravaning and last year took the step of buying one for future holidays with his wife. Probably not enough room for his three children, who rather pleasingly are now the right age to buy beers for their Dad rather than the other way around.  He also has some furry offspring, with a litter of seven Staffy pups arriving at Christmas. What a busy household! 

We welcome Nick to the team, and he has already embraced the culture that we carefully nurture here at Hamptons. Be sure to say hi if you see him on the premises, and for those of you out on site, we know that Nick is going to be an asset to you as he continues the build the relationships within our customer base.  

Now the bit you’ve been waiting for – some furry cuteness to brighten your day: 

In #2 – Glenn Oates 

“Country roads, take me home to the place I belong…”

We never thought we would be quoting the words of John Denver on the pages of Hamptons Happenings, but with the return of Glenn Oates in an Account Manager’s role, it seems entirely appropriate to draw on the words of the ultimate country boy.  

Glenn has a previous history with Hamptons, having worked here for a whopping thirteen years before heading out on his own in search of fame and fortune with his own business opportunities. He may have found fortune, but fame eluded him and he has returned to the place where he truly belongs, Hamptons ITM. 

His hands roughened by working in the real world, Glenn can now look any tradesman square in the eye and understand exactly where he is coming from, a life lesson that will stand him in good stead as he moves forward. 

Although Glenn is a proud Yorkshireman, he will suffer no talk of football or cricket. It is petrol that flows through the veins of this particular Englishman, and as a certified petrolhead, he is the proud owner of several Fords, with his pride and joy being a Fairmont 2002 AU-Series Mk 3. He spends an inordinate amount of time in the garage polishing his vehicle, and he assures us it’s not because he’s hiding from his wife and her long list of chores. With trips to the Kaikoura Hop and Hanmer Fest, Glenn has plenty of opportunities to get out on the open road and work on his tan – at least on his right arm. 

Aside from his cars, Glenn is also a caravaner (although some here doubt the Ford’s ability to tow a caravan). With two teenage boys, and his aforementioned wife Anna, Kaikoura is a common destination, along with the always popular Geraldine Top 10 camp where the boys can do their own thing while Glenn and Anna relax. 

Glenn has slotted seamlessly back into the company and has already surprised some of his former customers with his appearance. Some things are just meant to be. 

Welcome home Glenn, you’re back where you belong

Out – Courtney McNamara

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye

With heavy hearts and a tear in our eyes, we bid farewell to the latest in a long line of illustrious receptionists we have had – the incomparably Courtney McNamara. 

We had the pleasure of working with Courtney for two years and in that time she had become invaluable to the business. An industrious organizer, it was Courtney who took the reins and organised The Great Hamptons Kart Race, and our memorable Chrismas function at The Craft Embassy, which people still talk about to this very day. 

Home is where the heart is, and in this case, that is back in Brisbane Australia. Courtney has returned to the land of her birth and a hazy Queensland summer, and although we won’t miss her Aussie accent, we will miss her electrifying smile and sharp sense of humour that always kept us in our place.  

Courtney told us she is looking forward to getting back home and indulging in her primary passions of music, beer, and cute boys. Good on ya Courtney, your framed picture will be going straight to the pool room with all our other good memories of your time here. 

The boss has spoken, and the following must be sold. 320 meters of 100×25 T&G western cedar (HP83) ready to go straight off the shelf. We have priced this at an attractive price of $17.80, we are keen to move this off our racks. It is still in its original wrapping and in mint condition – they even have a coat of Wood-X Damper oil.

This product is ideal for soffit linings, garage linings, or anywhere a T&G look is desired. 

Any questions about the product please contact Anthony at 0274 322 122 or email him at ants@hamptons.co.nz

It’s a steal, it’s a deal, it’s the sale of the century! 

With thoughts of Nick’s record collection still in our minds, we’ve gone with a similar theme to make you smile:

Check out our Hot Deal for February from Soudell. Come in-store and check it out!

At Hamptons ITM, our team members aren’t simply proficient in constructing products; they’re also enthusiastic about a diverse array of hobbies and interests. To celebrate our staff’s unique talents, we will be featuring a personal area of expertise each month.

For many, summer is all about enjoying the great outdoors. Not so Fiona Woods, Hampton’s number one number cruncher, for whom summer is a time for dance music, raves, and festivals (which we guess is enjoying the outdoors in another fashion). As Faithless once rightly said “God is a DJ” and this month Fiona has obliged us with the top five festivals/raves/dance parties she has attended. 

1. Has to be Glastonbury – the only festival where you can stomp around in gumboots, covered in mud, and still look glam.  A place where you can see Amy Whinehouse punch someone on stage; and have Dolly bring everyone of all ages together singing Jolene.  Have Jay Z blow the controversy out of the water performing Oasis yet have big regrets passing up Queens of the Stone Age for Beyonce hoping the influence of her hubby would bring something special to the stage – nup! 

2. Camp Bestival – The Perfect festival for when you are getting older and don’t want to miss out so drag the kids into the mix.

3. Andy C – Brixton Academy for Valentine’s Day – this set was just soo me (I’m a bit of a romantic and huge DnB fan – so this was always going to be good).

4. Exit Festival (Serbia) – Outfitted like a bandit for the duration battling the dust when Dub Step was breaking out and Skream and Benga stole the show.

5. DJ Yoda – Camden – Packed the house – how does the guy play Ninja Turtles by Vanilla Ice and make it effortlessly cool?

What a great way to wrap up what has been an unexpectedly music-themed Hamptons Happenings. Feel free to share your thoughts and memories of any great shows you have been to next time you speak with Fiona, I’m sure she would love to compare notes. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”  

Best wishes,

David & Wendy, Don, Carolyn and the rest of the team at Hamptons ITM


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