Greetings and a very warm welcome to the March 2024 edition of Hamptons Happenings! 

In this issue we:

February saw the fifth anniversary of Gary Macefield’s passing and while many of us marked the occasion privately, we felt it appropriate to acknowledge the anniversary here. Gary (Goober to all that knew him) was a long-serving, well-liked and, dare we say it, a well-respected member of the Hamptons ITM team. Gary would have hated to be described as such and would have much preferred just to be known as a good guy. But he was much more than just “a good guy,” he was a leader in his community, a wheeler and dealer, a natural raconteur, and the type of guy that would call a spade a spade. In his nine years at Hamptons, he made quite an impression on staff and customers alike and is dearly missed. 

We asked Hamptons employee Hamish Whitta how he remembered Gary and he offered the following:

I worked with Goober for seventeen years in total, nine of them at Hamptons ITM and before that at another builder’s merchant. When I first started, I looked up to Goober– he was ten years older than me, talked bikes and fishing all the time, wore jandals in the yard, and used to swear a lot – usually at authority figures. Not the role model my mother would have wanted me to have, but Goober was well-liked by everyone who worked with him and he would do anything for you. He was immensely popular with his customers, and for many of them, he was more a friend than a sales rep.

I worked overseas for a few years, and when I came back I ended up working with Goober again at Hamptons ITM. Not much had changed, he still wore jandals whenever he could and he hadn’t toned down his language. I thought it must have been me, but Goober spoke the same to everyone and the better you knew him the more direct his speech would become. He was certainly a straight shooter and I always knew where I stood with him. 

Goober had a lot of stories and was always quick with an amusing tale at the right time. He was also a good listener, and even though he and I were quite different, he always took an interest in what I was doing, and I can’t emphasize this enough, always offered me 100 per cent encouragement. He was a good man to have in your corner and I always valued the words of encouragement he offered. 

Like everyone I was shocked at the passing of Goober, and to be honest, it took me a long time to get over it. The months may have slipped by into years, but I will always remember my years working with Goober fondly, and whenever there is a lull in the conversation at the pub there is always a good Goober story to fill the spot and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

I think we know what he’s about to say.

Get out your diaries now and carefully highlight this Month: May 2024. Our annual Might Hardware Sale will commence at 151 Ferry Road with a shotgun blast of sale prices across an array of essential supplies. Anyone who has come to one of these sales before will know what to expect, a large selection of deals to keep you going through the rapidly shortening Autumn months. We will have more details in the coming weeks on what will be offered, and your account manager should be your first point of call should you need a sharp deal struck. 

Twenty years. 1040 Mondays. That’s how long Jamie Hawke has been a faithful employee of Hamptons ITM. Jamie crossed this milestone on 23rd February with a smile on his face and the cheerful chuckle that we have all come to know over the last twenty years. Speeches were made, hands were shaken, and Jamie rashly promised that he is still good for a least another twenty years, something we may well hold him to.

Jamie started at Hamptons in February of 2004 on the same day that The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King became the second film in history to gross more than $1 billion in worldwide box office receipts. At that time Helen Clark was Prime Minister and a dozen beers cost $13.95.

They were simpler times and if we knew how much the price of beer was going to go up we would have drunk a lot more. Jamie joined Hamptons full of energy and enthusiasm and twenty years on he has retained that lust for life, albeit with twenty years of hard-earned experience behind him.

Thanks for all you’ve done over the last twenty years Jamie, and we look forward to your shout in 2044.

After a couple of false starts, SailGP is once again all set to go on the waters of Lyttleton Harbor on March 23rd and 24th. The ITM New Zealand Sail Grand Prix features eye-catching racing and caught the imagination of locals in 2023. ITM is again pleased to be associated with this glamour event and a weekend of thrills and adrenaline-pumping action on the water. Given the popularity of last year’s event, we recommend snapping up your tickets early from Ticketek. We can’t make any guarantees about the weather, but we can promise a fantastic day out with some of the best yachting on the planet, something the whole family can enjoy. 

An addition to the Hamptons Family 

All of us here at Hamptons would like to offer congratulations to our favorite inwards goods man, Gavey Singh, and his lovely wife Gagan on the arrival of their wee daughter Gurnaaz. Although small, Gurnaaz is incredibly cute, and Gavey has done a fine job of being a proud father and showing photos to anyone who asks. Congratulations to you both, and we know Gavey is already pushing a cricket bat into her hands! 

Mike has spent several long hours scouring the shop for a bargain and he has come up with a doozy. Taurus tool belt braces are just the thing you need to provide additional support for your back when carrying weight in your tool belt.

These have been tested in the store by our team, and all agree that these are both comfortable and a great aid for when working on site. We have these priced to sell at $64.30 and thoroughly recommend coming into the shop to give them to try.

They are at the trade counter where the two wise men of Hamptons, Neil and Mel, will be only too happy to lend a hand. We guarantee they’ll see you right. 

My Dad used to do this all the time:

Welcome to March here at Hamptons ITM and we’re going to march on through the month! We’ve got something a bit different this month! When you send your orders to orders@hamptons.co.nz send us your best dad jokes or puns and we will give away a prize to the best one as judged by our expert panel. 

At Hamptons ITM, our team members aren’t simply proficient in constructing products; they’re also enthusiastic about a diverse array of hobbies and interests. To celebrate our staff’s unique talents, we will be featuring a personal area of expertise each month.

“Cricket to us was more than play, it was a worship in the summer sun.” – Edmund Blunden

We are in the midst of a glorious summer of cricket, with the Black Caps taking us on a wild ride of ups and downs. The home test series in March against Australia should prove the ultimate testing ground for the team and a chance for them to write their names in the illustrious history of New Zealand cricket.

New Zealand cricket history is where we turn to this week as we take a look at some of the great players of the past. Hamptons is blessed with several cricketing experts, all eager to offer their opinions on all matters cricket-related (although none of them can adequately explain why we use a single word “wicket” to describe the stumps (a wicket), the pitch (the wicket), and the dismissal of a batsman (take a wicket).

With that in mind, we asked our panel of experts, consisting of Neil “No-ball” Noesgaard, Rowan “I once scored a century in backyard cricket” Christieson, and Gavey “six and out” Singh, to provide us with a dream cricket eleven drawn from the annuals of Nerw Zealand cricketing history. After a debate of test match length and intensity, these are the eleven players they have selected for a New Zealand “Dream Team”

1. Glenn Turner – The linchpin of the New Zealand team in the 1970s, he had a fearsome reputation overseas playing county cricket.

2. Bert Sutcliffe – Neil remembers his playing days well and assures us that he more than earns his place in the eleven

3. Kane Williamson – Some say the best batter New Zealand has ever produced. Our think tank assures us he is. 

4. Martin Crowe – Started young with the New Zealand team, and carried the load for many years. Many a kid in the eighties emulated his style in the backyard. 

5. Ross Taylor – 290 against Australia in 2015 cements his place in our top eleven.

6. Chris Cairns – Not just a great cricketer, he also made many a woman swoon with his smooth style. I assure you that wasn’t taken into account for this exercise. 

7. BJ Watling – Not only a great keeper but also more than handy with the bat.

8. Daniel Vettori – Making his debut for New Zealand at the age of eighteen, Vettori has dedicated his life to cricket. Now a well-respected coach, it looks like he still has many more years left in the game.

9. Richard Hadlee – The local boy made good and we’ll always remember the image of ‘Paddles’ steaming in with most of the fielders standing in the slips.

10. Shane Bond – Went to school with one of the Hamptons staff. Even with a tennis ball, he was pretty quick.

11. Trent Boult – One of only two members on this list still playing, and this speaks to the quality of this current Black Caps team. You can catch him in action against Australia in the upcoming test series. 

Got a better Eleven? Is there someone the boys are missing from the list? Feel free to talk to any one of them about your thoughts on this, we know that they would love to continue the debate. 

Best wishes,

David & Wendy, Don, Carolyn and the rest of the team at Hamptons ITM


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