HAMPTONS HAPPENINGS: July 2019 - Issue 7 - Hamptons ITM

HAMPTONS HAPPENINGS: July 2019 – Issue 7

Welcome to the July edition of Hamptons Happenings.

In this issue we:

In each issue of Hamptons Happenings, we’re telling you a bit more about each of our Hamptons Heroes …

This month is no exception and we are very excited to share some information on our joinery specialist Jamie Hawke.

Jamie was brought into this world via a very ‘natural and traditional birth’ at the old Burwood Hospital. To us here at Hamptons this explains many things – with this information we have been able to put together many pieces of the puzzle and understand a lot more about the man behind the mystery.

After his amazing birth, Jamie spent a few years at home with his sister before his parents forced him out into the world and made him attend Banks Avenue Primary School. Jamie went on to attend Shirley Intermediate and then Shirley Boys High School. While at school Jamie discovered Squash, which is a sport that he continues to enjoy to this day.

After leaving school, Jamie completed an apprenticeship as a furniture maker. Jamie learnt his craft and was involved in every facet of making solid Rimu bedroom, dining and other assorted furniture. Jamie went on to work for Timbershades Furniture for a further eight years. By this stage Jamie was ready for a change and applied for a job at Hamptons in 2004.

His application to work at Hamptons was successful and he began his journey just as smoothly and naturally as he’d entered the world. Jamie started his life at Hamptons on the front counter and got to know all the products, customers and how things worked generally. Jamie worked his way through various areas of the business, looking after phone and email sales, inwards goods and purchasing.

About three years ago, Jamie’s consistency, attention to detail and loyalty were rewarded and he was promoted to be an Account Manager for Hamptons many Joinery customers. After 15 years of service at Hamptons… there really aren’t too many things Jamie doesn’t know or know how to find out.

They say that behind every successful man there is an astonished woman, saying quietly under her breath… “he doesn’t even know how to stack the dishwasher properly”. For the past 10 years Jamie has been happily married to Amanda and together they have a son called Max!

Jamie assures us that he he’s pretty sharp at stacking the dishwasher. After seeing him in action for the past 15 years… we reckon he’s probably right.

In our last issue of Hamptons Happenings, we showcased self-healing concrete…

This month, we explore Building with Hemp – An Incredible Natural Insulation & Sustainable Material.

Hemp or in this specific case Hempcrete is an amazing alternative product with some fascinating properties…

Enter our Hamptons Happenings competition
Here’s an interview with last month’s truly gifted and very discerning Competition Winner¸ Richard Poff. 

Simply tell us how to solve this month’s building question and go in the draw to win your very own Hamptons ITM Mystery Prize Pack…

What material is most of today’s Drywall products made from?

A. Fibreglass
B. Asbestos
C. Gypsum
D. Pumice

Email your answer to Mata on admin@hamptons.co.nz or message us on Facebook with your answer and go into the draw to win the Hamptons ITM Mystery Prize Pack for July.

Reminder to RSVP us about the upcoming ITM Licensed Building Practitioner Training Day

On the 18th of July, from 8am to 4pm ITM have organised a Licensed Building Practitioner training day.  

By attending you will receive 6 Elective Points!

The training will be held at Addington Racecourse, Christchurch. Drinks and nibbles will be available at the end of the day and there will be various prizes.

If you can make it – please let Mata know by either phoning her on (03) 374 3333 or emailing her at admin@hamptons.co.nz

We look forward to seeing you there…

As many of you will know, Hamptons is very fortunate to have Westlake Frame & Truss as a sister company. For many of our customers, this close relationship between Hamptons and Westlake allows us to have a greater degree of input into ensuring that their building projects are a success in terms of (1) the overall cost, (2) quality and (3) service.

For the past 6 ½ years Paul Stockford has been the manager of Westlake and for family reasons he has decided to return to the North Island. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely say “thanks” and wish Paul and his family all the very best.

The Frame and Truss industry is very specialised, and it really isn’t easy to find someone with all the necessary skills and experience to: understand the design and detailing process, run a manufacturing plant, and also build and maintain successful relationships with suppliers, reps and builders.

With the above in mind, Westlake is very fortunate that Michael Woodrow who had worked at Westlake previously, decided to apply for the manager’s position.

Michael began working in the frame and truss industry back in 1996 as a pre-cutter at the plant that his rugby coach owned in Dunedin. As many of us do, Michael followed a woman (Katherine, who he has since married) to Christchurch – much to the extreme disappointment of his rugby coach.

After moving to Christchurch, Michael ended up at Westlake as a pre-cutter and then following a year or so in London, he did a further 5 years on the floor making frames and trusses. Michael’s hard work and dedication were rewarded, and he was given the opportunity to become a detailer. After a number of years learning his craft, Michael joined another Frame and Truss firm as a detailer in 2011 and then in 2015 he was promoted and given the opportunity to manage the plant.

We’re just delighted that Michael has decided to return home to Westlake… particularly since he’s previously worked in virtually every area of the business.

Over the coming months, we look forward to introducing many of you to Michael and discussing how jointly Hamptons and Westlake can assist you to ensure that your next building project is a success.

Here’s a short video promoting a work boot special we currently have running at Hamptons… featuring Rowan, our very own in-house guru on tools and building supplies…

Best wishes,

David & Wendy, Don, Carolyn and the rest of the team at Hamptons ITM


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