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Greetings and a very warm (and hopefully not too wet) welcome to our June 2021 edition of Hamptons Happenings…Our very sincere thoughts are with all those Cantabrians impacted by flooding and severe weather conditions over the last few days.

In this issue we:

Need to know about timber? – ask Neil…
Need to know how to milk a cow? – ask Neil…
Need advice about building a deck? – ask Neil…
Need to fly a plane? – ask Neil
Need a captain for your boat –ask Neil

We are a diverse team here at Hamptons ITM, and this month we would like to tip our hat to one of our more colourful team members – Neil Noesgaard. I’m sure many people would like to dig a little deeper and find out more about Neil. Not too deep of course, particularly since we often find his life stories end up being a little risqué for this publication. But feel free to come in and talk to Neil yourself – he would love to tell you some of his life experiences – if you have time!

Neil’s story begins in Paparoa, Northland, where he was born. He then grew up in nearby Matakohe. Now some of you might have to get your map out for this one, but Matakohe is famous for three things: the kauri museum, the birthplace of New Zealand’s first New Zealand-born Prime Minister, and the childhood home of their favourite son, Neil Nosgaard.

From the stories we’ve heard, Matakohe was a great place to grow up, and there were many shenanigans had by the young Neil (you’ll have to ask him about these yourself). Neil grew up quickly, and started work while still at school, working with a team of dogs and mustering from the age of fifteen. It was a hands-on life, and Neil learnt all about hard work from an early age as he started milking cows, although he also found time to learn to fly a plane at age sixteen.

Like many a young New Zealander, Neil headed off on his OE. The first stop was a year in Alberta, Canada, where Neil discovered the aphrodisiac and irresistible powers of the New Zealand accent (you’d best ask him about this yourself). He worked as a janitor in apartment buildings, doing everything from fixing washing machines to patching holes in the walls for disgruntled tenants.  A quick tour through the USA and Neil found himself in the homeland of his ancestors, Denmark. Neil once again put his accent to good use, as well as spending a year working on a dairy farm in Fyn (get those maps out!)

Neil’s return to New Zealand led to a blind date and a life-changing event as he met his now-wife, the lovely Denise. Forty-seven years on, three children, and many pets later they are still living in marital bliss, Neil’s kiwi accent working its magic one last time luring in the English-born Denise.   

Neil continued working on the land, doing stints of share milking, and then buying his own farm, before leasing 4000 acres in Mimiwhangata from DOC (hope you still have those maps out). A beautiful location to live, Neil spent an extended period here before his life continued to change and he started his own business – a cleaning company. He found himself with some unusual cleaning jobs (come in and ask him!), and after five years he found himself once again on the move, this time down south to unknown parts and a place called “Christchurch”

A succession of jobs and Neil found himself with, in his own words, “the second-best job I ever had.” Working for FloraMax, Neil was at the heart of the flower auctioning world, coordinating trolly loads of flowers for auction. A great chance to learn the name of every flower under the sun, unfortunately, this job wasn’t to last, and after a stint at another building supply merchant Neil ended up with the best job he has ever had, at Hamptons ITM.     

Now all of us here can draw on Neil’s immense knowledge of all things, although it’s very rarely he gets asked about the name of flowers, and he is the key source to a lot of know-how within Hamptons ITM. A loyal employee of ten years, Neil enjoys his time at work, his family, and the moments when he entertains friends and family with his piano playing. He harbours one last dream, to buy the boat of his dreams and sail off into the sunset, and assures us that he is only one lotto win away from achieving his goal.

When it comes to Neil we’ve barely scratched the surface here and you will have to come in yourself and let Neil indulge you with some of his stories – but as we said earlier make sure you have enough time. 

April and May saw us celebrating ITM’s 30th birthday with Big Deals, Big Bonuses and Big Prizes.  We would like to add a Big Thanks to everyone who joined us over the two months, without our customers, all of this would have been meaningless. We hope you enjoyed the specials and celebrations as much as we did.

And now the countdown begins to our 40th birthday….

At least they’re wearing hard hats!

Not to flog a dead horse, but we would like to reiterate the message that in this time of pressure on supply lines across the industry we’re here to help.

Hamptons want to be able to assist in the very best way possible and if you’d like to organise a Planning and Supply Session (PASS) with one of our team, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or give us a call on 03 374 3333 or send an email to admin@hamptons.co.nz

While we continue to provide fantastic service, please be aware that there is unprecedented demand and frenetic activity that has continued unabated since the Covid lockdown. We ask for patience during this time, and our relationships are vital as we work together on current expectations and lead times.

We are with you every step of the day as we work through this era of extreme demand, communication has never been more essential than now. Feel free to contact your account manager or any member of our fine staff to discuss your supply needs and expectation. We’re here to help. 

This month we let Jason Lamb “loose” for our Hamptons Hot Deal video.

In the video below Jason unveils Hamptons special offer for the month and in addition he decides to get into the spirit of things and adds a special deal of his own.

Take care out there…
Best wishes,
David & Wendy, Don, Carolyn and the rest of the team at Hamptons ITM


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