HAMPTONS HAPPENINGS: May 2019 - Issue 5 - Hamptons ITM


Welcome to the May edition of Hamptons Happenings.

In this issue we:

  • Tell you a little bit about another Hamptons Hero, Hamish Whitta
  • Find out more about technological answer to our aches and strains
  • Enter this month’s competition to win
  • Tell you about our next tool sale and this month’s Hamptons Hot Deal
  • Shout out to everyone who attended Hamptons ITM Re-opening Function
In each issue of Hamptons Happenings, we dive deeper in our team, giving you a bit more about yet another Hamptons Hero…

This month is no exception and we are very excited to finally be able to pull the curtains back on Hamish Whitta, who has a back story that has more twists and turns than a Matthew Riley novel…

Hamish was born in Christchurch (of all places) and once he was old enough, he attended Papanui High. After high school, Hamish had ideas about going to university, growing up and becoming an accountant. However, on enrolment day at Canterbury University, there was a very pretty girl in the same queue who was enrolling in philosophy and psychology. You guessed it – for some very strange and unknown reason, Hamish ended up enrolling in philosophy and psychology.

During this period of wonderous exploration and self-discovery, Hamish lived like a 1990’s version of a hippy – flatting with a potter and a chef. After a couple of years, he eventually tired of philosophy and psychology and decided to get a job. During this period, Hamish got a job with Foreman Insulation and also did a stint at Builders Hardware (where his dad also worked), around this time he swapped out the flatmates for a serious career-minded girlfriend.

Never one to let the grass grow around him, next on the agenda was some overseas travel. You guessed it… and of course, another chapter involving someone of the fairer sex. This time it was serious – and Hamish got married to a Lithuanian artist. During his 6 years overseas Hamish spent time working for a GIB fixer in the UK and then many months living in Lithuanian with his artist wife.

After several intrepid journeys through Asia and the Middle East, Hamish returned to NZ with his wife. He began working for Hello NZ as a tour guide, taking Japanese tourists all over our wonderful country. After a while, Hamish’s Lithuanian wife decided that Christchurch NZ just wasn’t ticking all the boxes.

Around this time, the beginning of 2011 (just two weeks before the earthquake), Hamish, fortunately, joined the team at Hamptons. Hamish continued to take every opportunity to venture overseas and through another series of serendipitous events (and a wedding in Taiwan) he eventually met his wife Minako. Minako was courageous enough to move all the way from Tokyo, Japan. Hamish and Minako have bought a house and Hamish has explained that this one’s a keeper who he intends growing very (very) old with…

Our story doesn’t end there… Hamish has always (quietly) been an aspiring writer and around 2014 he decided to start writing a Blog about the artist formerly known as Prince. You can find his blog here.

This project took on a life of its own and eventually resulted in a book which was published in 2018. Prince – 50 Essential Bootlegs. You can buy the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

If you check out Hamish’s ratings on Goodreads you’ll see the book has been rated 4.7 out of 5 by reviewers. The critics have also had some pretty nice things to say about both Hamish and his book.

Something tells us the best is yet to come… and we sincerely hope that at some point there is an autobiography… and then perhaps a movie! We are happy to take bets on which actor will play the main character… a couple of people have suggested Leonardo DiCaprio… but we’re thinking Johnny Depp is really the only fellow capable of playing such a complex character. 

In the meantime, (as we all do, here at Hamptons) just enjoy and appreciate having such a thoroughly decent and bloody good bloke to deal with, and from time to time share a yarn and a joke with. 

In our last issue of Hamptons Happenings, we showcased a robotic brick laying machine.

In this month’s edition we showcase another piece of technology that has been designed to save and protect your back!

That’s right, this modular Exco-skeleton has been specifically designed to help people save their back, arms, legs and shoulders.

We can’t tell you how many people have complained to us about various aches and pains that are simply a fact of life if you work in an industry that requires lots of lifting and physical work. Even the weight and repetitive strain of holding power tools can take its toll on the body.

This clever piece of equipment is currently being used in factories and manufacturing and construction sites. The price tag isn’t too crazy and it will only come down as more people open their minds to the endless possibilities of exco-skeleton technology.  

This may all sound a little left-field… but remember, IBM laughed when Bill Gates suggested there would one day be a computer in every home. Now there is something even more powerful in everyone’s pocket.

Just remember you saw it here first! Something tells us that one day this simple technology will be just another form of personal protective equipment (PPE) on most building sites. We know ACC would be delighted if it meant you could return to work a few weeks sooner.

To check out more exo-skeleton technology check this video out.

Enter our Hamptons Happenings competition

Simply tell us how to solve this month’s building dilemma and go in the draw to win a Hamptons ITM Mystery Prize Pack!

You’ve turned up to a house under construction, where the building crew have followed the architect’s plans to the letter and discovered a wee problem. They’ve asked for your advice on what they should do:

(a) Just buy a “Mind Your Head” sign
(b) Suggest that the client sell the house to someone no taller than 4 foot 2. 
(c) Call the architect (explain they owe you a beer) and check they’re OK for you to enlarge the access hole to the 1st floor
(d) Remove the bottom 3 stairs and just increase the angle of the staircase.

Reply to this email or message us on Facebook with your answer and go into the draw to win a Hamptons ITM Mystery Prize Pack. 

This month Hamptons ITM is holding another bumper tool sale.

Come along and check out the deals on offer and join us for a tasty breakfast on Wednesday 8th May. Things will kick off at around 7.00am and finish up just after 10.00am.

We look forward to seeing you there…

Also, check out this month’s Hamptons Hot Deal…

These are selling for $399 elsewhere… and while stocks last – for just $290.00 (inc. GST) you could get yourself one of these Smart Tool 300 W Quick Release Multi-Tools featuring a high torque motor with outstanding performance.

We only have a limited number of these incredibly versatile tools available at this price…

Click here to purchase this fantastic tool via our website.

A huge shout out to everyone who made the effort and joined us at our Hamptons ITM re-opening function on Friday, the 5th of April. It was great to see you all and it was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with so many people who we’ve worked with over the years (and in some cases, decades…)

Our sincere thanks go out to our wonderful neighbours, Grace Vineyard Church, the Court Theatre, Addington Raceway caterers, our loyal suppliers, fantastic customers, ITM Head office, the boys from Team New Zealand and of course the entire team here at Hamptons.

For us, it was a very fitting way to be able to celebrate our re-opening.

Best wishes.

David & Wendy, Don, Carolyn and the rest of the team at Hamptons ITM


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